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Childcare Center Security Cameras

ChildView is one of the industry’s pioneers

If you own or are employed by a child care center then you have probably noticed the newest trend in child care center safety, Childcare Center Security Cameras. You will see these cameras called, daycare cameras, daycare security cameras, daycare web cams, kiddie cams and much more! In this short article I will list some of the…

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Daycare Webcams vs. Streaming Daycare Video

ChildView daycare system

Believe it or not there is a difference in daycare webcams and the streaming daycare video system that ChildView.com uses. Daycare Webcams typically only show a new picture every 30 to 60 seconds. The daycare cameras that ChildView.com uses stream the video to you live as it happens! Webcams are meant to be used for low level video chatting…

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How Daycare Cameras work

The following video is meant to inform child care center owners and directors about the process of partnering with ChildrenView.  How ChildView works ChildView works hard to improve your center’s safety and performance by installing a totally customized video system. With the ChildView video system, your center will be free of blind spots and offer…

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Daycare Security

Are you concerned about daycare security? If you are a parent or grandparent of a child who attends daycare you probably answered yes! The ChildView.com system was designed by parents for parents! Our system lets you check in on your little ones while they are at daycare. Parents can log in through our secure website…

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Kiddie Cams

Kiddie CamsChildrenView.com has been installing high quality kiddie cams in daycare centers for over 10 years! If you are a daycare owner or director who would like to offer kiddie cams to your parents please click the link below to see how our system works. We would love to bring our kiddie cam system to…

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Family to Open Day Care That Parents Can See on Their Computer Screen

From the Mississippi Business Journal It’s always been the dream of the Farmer family to own a business. They just didn’t know what kind. When they finally decided on a children’s day care, they set out to create a stimulating environment with the latest technology Internet access so parents can watch their children on their…

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The 10 Best Things About Daycare Cameras

There are so many great things about have a camera system in your child care center that it was hard for us to narrow it down to just 10 items! It was difficult, but we did it. Read on to see what we consider the top 10 best things about having daycare cameras in your…

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Selecting a daycare camera provider

Once a child care center owner or director decides that it’s time to install a streaming video system the question is… “Where do I start?” This article will answer that question and many more. After reading this article you will have all the tools you need to select the best daycare camera provider for your situation. First,…

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Do I really need daycare cameras?

live stream video system for parents

Not too long ago all child care centers were managed by pen and paper. Now almost every daycare owner and manager relies on software to run their business. Parents used to check in with pen and paper but now they check in using a digital system. In many centers today parents have the option to…

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