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Family to Open Day Care That Parents Can See on Their Computer Screen

Mississippi Business JournalIt’s always been the dream of the Farmer family to own a business. They just didn’t know what kind. When they finally decided on a children’s day care, they set out to create a stimulating environment with the latest technology Internet access so parents can watch their children on their computer screens.The Farmers’ Jackson day care, Education Depot, will apparently be the first day care in the state to have this Internet access. The cameras literally give eyes to the Internet, so that parents can see their children in real time, live action.The set-up is relatively simple. Cameras will be positioned in three rooms where children play according to age group. Parents pull up Education Depot’s Web site on the Internet, type in a secured password, and pick the room they want to view. The room appears on their computer screen and they can view their children for as long as they like, all day if they have a free computer. Other people like grandparents can also be linked.According to one manufacturer of these Internet camera systems, ParentNet Inc., being able to watch their children play reduces parents’ stress, ensures the safety of children because at least one parent will likely be watching at all times, and improves communication between parents and day care providers.In addition to day cares, Internet cameras are being used to safeguard vacation homes and at work by bosses who want to monitor their employees.What would Internet access to your child’s day cost? Surprisingly, the Farmers are charging comparable rates to those of other day cares in their area, maintaining the system creates little overhead.

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