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Daycare Webcams vs. Streaming Daycare Video

Believe it or not there is a difference in daycare webcams and the streaming daycare video system that ChildrenView.com uses.

Daycare Webcams typically only show a new picture every 30 to 60 seconds. The daycare cameras that ChildrenView.com uses stream the video to you live as it happens! Webcams are meant to be used for low level video chatting and entertainment.

For quality streaming daycare video you have to use quality equipment. ChildrenView uses only the best in digital video surveillance to assure you a great viewing experience!

Each digital camera on the ChildrenView.com system displays 30 fps or “frames per second”. A standard webcam on the other hand only shows you a new picture every 30 seconds! That is a major difference!

Some childcare centers have unknowingly signed up with companies that use low quality “daycare webcams” instead of quality streaming videocameras. If a center advertises daycare video check with them to make sure that it is the ChildrenView.com streaming daycare video system! 

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