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Do I really need daycare cameras?

live stream video system for parents

Not too long ago all child care centers were managed by pen and paper. Now almost every daycare owner and manager relies on software to run their business. Parents used to check in with pen and paper but now they check in using a digital system. In many centers today parents have the option to pay for child care services using their smart phone or computer. Parents used to wish they could see their children in the middle of the day but now they can just login to their daycare cameras and grab a peek!

All these modern advances are nice but do we really NEED them? The truth is that we could do business without them! The only catch is that we would need every other child care center to abandon them too!

What we need to run our business depends on what our competitors use to run their business. If our competitors offer digital check-in, easy pay and streaming video cameras then we must offer the same services.

Keeping up with the competition is important but it’s not as important as pleasing our customers! If our customers are looking for daycare cameras, digital sign-in, easy pay, and other modern conveniences then we would do well to offer them.

So now we can easily answer the question. Do I really need daycare cameras? Yes, as long as the customer is looking for them and the competition is offering them.

Customer demand drives the market. If customers ask for a product or service we must do our best to supply that need.Are There Other Benefits?

Having a daycare camera system has more benefits than just keeping customers happy or keeping up with the competition! Here is a brief list of benefits associated with having a streaming video system in your child care center

  • It’s a great marketing tool!
  • Insurance discounts
  • Employee accountability
  • Peace of mind for your parents!
  • Generate income
  • Extend your open door policy!
  • Added security for your campus!

Some childcare centers have unknowingly signed up with companies that use low quality “daycare webcams” instead of quality streaming video cameras. If a center advertises daycare video check with them to make sure that it is the ChildView.com streaming daycare video system!

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