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Tennessee preschool childcare camera testimonial

I work at Angels Watching Over Me Academy, a preschool in
Tennessee, and we use ChildView for the cameras in our classrooms. The parents love it! It allows out of town relatives to view their grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. In addition to that, it also gives the parents peace of mind because they can physically see what is going on with their child. Even from an administrative viewpoint, the cameras are a blessing. Whenever there is a question regarding what exactly happened in one of our classrooms, we are able to pull up the video of what occurred to get a better and unbiased understanding of what happened since we are able to see what took place.

I would definitely recommend putting cameras in every preschool and ChildView is a great company to help you do that. They are affordable, very accessible and willing to work around your schedule for installation.

Overall, ChildView is a great company that is a joy to work with. They are always willing to answer/assist with any questions or concerns you may have I would definitely recommend them!


Erin Woodward-Smith
Account Manager
Angels Watching Over Me Academy