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As a childcare center owner/director you can have video access to your staff and facility 24 hours a day. You can also provide your families with peace of mind about their child's well being.

-  Allow our professional technicians to install the necessary equipment in your facility. You will receive:

  • DVR (digital streaming server)
  • Color CCTV Cameras
  • All necessary cables and wire to completely install the system
  • Professional installation of all equipment
  • Customized Website
  • Marketing Advice & Materials
  • Warranty & Support for all Products & Services
  • Flat LCD Monitor

 -  Benefits!! By expressing commitment to the families you serve, you can easily increase the monthly revenue of your childcare center. Providing parents with this great opportunity, parents are able to see your hard-working, devoted teachers interact with their children, ultimately increasing communication, satisfaction and building longer lasting relationships.

 -  Contact us today!!! Sign up today, or register for ChildrenView's free no cost consultation. Don't miss this exciting opportunity! We realize each facility has unique needs, and we want to provide the perfect solution for you. Pricing is decided by the number of cameras installed. So please contact us and someone will be glad to give you more information about our services.

Once the equipment has been installed at your center, you simply log on to your website from any computer (home, work, or while traveling) using your secure username/password. Once authorized, you can view the connection. It's truly easy as A-B-C!